Because malpractice insurance is such an essential part of your professional legal practice, don’t let the price tag scare you away. What you are paying for is serious peace of mind. Legal malpractice insurance cost shouldn’t be a barrier that prevents you from having the protection that you need and deserve.
What you are purchasing with legal malpractice insurance cost is a specialized form of coverage you won’t be able to get any other way. You need to know that you will be protected if you are ever accused of malpractice or sued because of it. As a lawyer, you know better than most people the devastating effects a lawsuit can have; don’t let yourself become a victim.
If the price of insurance is giving you pause, consider talking to an insurance agent who specializes in these kinds of policies. Talk about the parts of your practice you are most concerned about covering and then work together to find a policy that is the right fit for the right price. Let your agent be a partner as well as a guide; together, you can find a solution that meets all your needs.
Don’t let yourself be kept from proper coverage by concerns about legal malpractice insurance cost. Your career and practice is too valuable to be left unprotected. Be proactive in keeping yourself safe from malpractice lawsuits.