Commercial trucking insurance is often confusedwith common commercial auto or business auto insurance. However trucking insurance has more to it than just a simply covering your truck or trucks. The basic use of a truck in trucking is to transport material and merchandise across short or long distances. In doing business the truck gets in an accident with the merchandise on it then apart from the loss from damage to the vehicle, there would be loss to the cargo. The liability for the cargo would be carried by the merchant who owns the cargo. Trucking insurance deals with the insurance for not only the vehicle but also the cargo it carries and can provides benefits to a cargo owner.
When you own a truck or a fleet of trucks, one of the primary means of protecting every aspect of your insurance needs is commercial trucking insurance. In the event of an accident the various aspects of trucking insurance comes into play. There is the coveragefor loss or damage of your truck and also the liability towards another vehicle or person involved in the accident. There could be a liability towards the damage to the cargo the truck was carrying as well as damages incurred due to theft and vandalism related to the vehicle.
Having the right commercial trucking insurance coverage is important to protect your business. Finding an agent that has the experience with type of coverage is very important as well.