With all the types of Denver Insurance coverage available, it can be difficult to sift through what coverage you want and what coverage you don’t need. In your effort to narrow the field, here are three types of insurance that you may not need.
Household appliances and electronics often come with the option for extended warranties. These warranties are rarely a sound investment. They offer limited coverage for a limited term after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Few of these items represent a potential substantial loss, meaning, most of them can be replaced without extreme financial impact. If you want coverage for damage to or theft of these items, if can be included in your renter’s or homeowner’s policies.
Rental car damage insurance may also be worth bypassing. This type of Denver Insurance coverage protects you from paying for damage to a rental car. Many auto insurance policies provide coverage for rental vehicles when you are using them in lieu of your own vehicle while it is in the shop for repairs or other service.
Water line coverage is another type of Denver Insurance that you may not need. It covers repair of the water line that runs from your home to the street. In newer homes the odds are against you needing to use this coverage. In typical residential areas, the length of this water line is relatively short and repair costs would stay in the range of a few thousand dollars.
Being aware of insurance you may not need can help you avoid undue cost for your insurance coverage.